Young drivers and old cars

Like a lot of hobby groups the old car movement has for some years wondered how to best attract young people into the activity.  The ageing of the membership of many car clubs has put both organisational and financial strains on the active members, and all to often we all talk about cars that are no longer seen as the generation that inherited them overwhelmingly chose not to take up the hobby.  There have been a few efforts here at getting Gen X and Gen Y involved but none seem to have really succeeded. Of course some clubs are fortunate to have a few young adult enthusiasts follow in dad or pop’s footsteps and take the car, themselves and partners and children out with their club – but these are a handful compared to the numbers the old car movement needs for sustainability. I should add that pleasingly some 3rd generation enthusiasts have been reported becoming active in a few clubs so there is hope.

Also an initiative that has recently been reported should be considered by all historic car clubs and federations of car clubs – “Hagerty Hosts Inaugural Youth Driving Experience” -“35 young adults participated in a classic car driving experience designed to highlight the enjoyment of driving a vintage car. During the inaugural Hagerty Driving Experience, the 16- through 20-year-old participants enjoyed classroom and hands-on drive experiences at the Dearborn, Michigan-based Automotive Hall of Fame.”

Not a bad idea and maybe here in Australia it could be organised to compliment National Motoring Heritage Day.

Hagerty has other initiatives to encourage young driver into older cars: Youth Programs fuel kids’ interst in classic cars. So BRAVO Hagerty – if a company that specialises in vintage and classic car insurance in the US thinks this is an important issue what about the car insurers here in Oz getting involved and putting something more back into the hobby – c’mon Shannons and NRMA I challenge you to help the car clubs ensure that we have a succession plan for our cars and our kids.

About motors of yesterday

Automotive historian who's owned, restored and rallied a number of vintage and 1930s to 1980s heritage cars and light commercial vehicles since 1968. My preference is American and Australian vehicles, but as an automotive historian I research all makes, English, Continental, North American and Australian. My automotive history research usually doesn't go beyond 1946 though. My specialisations are - Australian coach and motor body builders up to 1946 - Sydney and NSW's earliest motor vehicles - early long distance and interstate motor journeys, record attempts and trials up to 1939 - WW2 jeeps in Australian service - WW2 staff cars in Australian service
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